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Based on the discussions and analyses resulting from the 2010 Regional JFDP Alumni Conference as well as the individual work of each of the project participants, it was identified that enabling accessibility (in particular of education) and implementing equal rights for the PwDs is an urgent necessity both in Macedonia and in Croatia.

The Draft action plan resulting from the 2010 Regional JFDP Alumni Conference indicated that one of the best approaches towards tackling the complex issue of the general accessibility (TechPhInCuLe) of the PwDs is the SL concept. Namely, the SL concept enables immediate involvement of the most affected stakeholders – i.e. the PwDs, the students and the educators – while in parallel they work not only for the benefit themselves and their closest environment, but as well for their empowerment, promotion and involvement in the society towards raising awareness and initiating real implementation of real actions that lead to alleviating the TechPhInCuLe barriers.