Project Activities


Project Activities

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(I) Conduct a Status–quo analysis focusing on

  1. individual needs of the PwDs, in particular during education
  2. implemented/existing methodologies currently in use at selected universities in Macedonia (MKD) & Croatia (CR).
  3. (non)existence of special educational programs for PwDs.

(II) Organize a set of WS towards realization of the main project goal:

WS1/2 (faculty/students):

Identify special needs of the PwDs. Psychological background, approach and correct attitude. Encourage and promote cooperation among students with(out) individual needs. Needs Analysis and Course Design

WS3/4 (faculty/students):

Understand and implement the SL concept by conducting CS in MKD&CR to obtain overall picture relating to technical, physical/architectural, informational, curricular and legal (TechPhInCuLe) accessibility issues

WS5 (all stakeholders):

Adapt existing methodology and incorporate psychological background when practically approaching to/working with PwDs

WS6 (all stakeholders):

Present practical experiences and results from the field work.

(III) Conduct field work (CS) in MKD&CR

(IV) Public awareness campaign

(V) Print and distribute publications from the project

(VI) Set a web site to serve as an interface platform among all involved stakeholders.