Project Activities


Activity 1 : Status-quo analysis

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In the period from Nov 2011 till Aug 2012, 13 teams (11MKD/2CR) conducted Status-quo analyses to provide input to where actions are necessary and what educational institutions should be regarded as potential CS during the project implementation.


Macedonia Croatia

1. Status-quo Analysis in the Higher Education: University “Sv. Kiril i Metodij”, Skopje and Some related Aspects of the Higher Education in R.Macedonia,

Author: Prof. Vladimir Trajkovski, PhD, Faculty of Philosophy, UKIM

1. Equal access through Service Learning for Persons with disabilities Status Quo Analysis University of Split

Authors: PhD Ivana Bilic, Students: Andrea Raguz Doris Vulic Monika Shkreli

2. Status quo analysis on disability discrimination in the legal system of the Republic of Macedonia (with comparative overview of the international standards in this area)

Author: Zhaneta Poposka, PhD, OSCE

2. University of Zagreb Students with special needs –status quo analysis–

Author: Jerko Markovina, PhD. Students: Martina Miškulin Katarina Vrabac

3. Statistical analysis of the initial survey* within the project Equal Access through Service Learning for Persons with Disabilities

Authors: Dr Roza Aceska and Andrijana Kolevska, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UKIM


4. Research and analysis of the situation in the Public Media –Macedonian National Radio and Television concerning the inclusion of the topics of people with disabilities

Author: Eli Josifovska, National Macedonian Brodcast (Makedonska Radio Televizija)


5. Survey of the Physical Accessibility for people with physical disabilities of some of the public buildings in Skopje and in part in Ohrid, R.Macedonia

Authors: Jasmina Risteska and Jagoda Risteska, Mobility Challenge


6. Report of the accessibility of the Higher Education institutions in Skopje , R. Macedonia

Authors: Daniela Stojanovska-Djingovska and Metodija Djingovski, Association of Students and Youth with Disability – Skopje, R. Macedonia



Author Samir Grble, Kemal Ataturk, Gostivar


8. Report for the accessibility of the South East European University in Tetovo

Author: Daniela Stojanovska Dzhingovska, Besa Kadriu, SEEU, Tetovo


9. Status Quo R e p o r t for the towns of Kavadarci, Negotino, Stip and Veles Republic of Macedonia

Author: Biljana Manevska, Veles


10. Report of the accessibility of the Higher Education institutions and other relevant public institutions in Strumica and Gevgelija

Author: Daniela Stojanovska Dzhingovska


11. Status quo analysis on the physical accessibility of public and other buildings in the cities of Prilep and Bitola, the Republic of Macedonia

Author: Gjoko Zdraveski